metalic keyboard

Metallic Keyboard


Metal Keyboards can be used in all types of environments especially where the equipment of keyboards are exposed to the atmosphere. The piezo sensing switches are solid state in nature and hence can last a lifetime. These type of metal keyboards are already being used successfully in Diesel locomotives by Indian Railways for than 6 years now. Metal keyboard using a snap dome gold contact can also offer high protection and long life, besides offering a tactile feedback and back lighting. These are ideal for use in external areas and are able to with stand extreme climatic conditions.

Are made using stainless steel material or aluminum which makes them very tough and can be used in very harsh environments. The switch elements are embedded inside the stainless steel or aluminum due to which they are completely protected from any external abuse. Thus these are also termed as vandal proof keyboards.


Railways, Security Systems, Oil & Gas, etc.


Locomotive Controls, Access Controls, Oil Exploration Equipment, Gas/Petrol or Diesel Dispensing Machines (Petrol Pumps), etc.


There are two types of technologies that are offered in these keyboards.

Using a snap dome gold contact:

Metal caps are placed on top of a silicon sheet which can activate the snap dome switch on a gold plated PCB. This entire assembly is embedded inside a SS plate to seal it and thus keep out dust, moisture, humidity, etc.