Vision & Mission


To be the most reputed and responsible latest technology IT solution providing company believing in innovating solutions for great efficiency and business growth.


To provide Latest Technology IT solutions with best quality and complete flexibility as per customer needs.

About Us

Established in 1966, Pushpam Group was formed by Mr.Ashok Chopda whose vision and ideology was to constantly innovate, that has made Pushpam what it is today. Mr. Shreekant Chopda and Dr. Sachin Chopda next generation of Ashok Chopda carry values like honesty, integrity and customer centricity, which took the organization to higher levels and together has created a legacy of 50 years. Our distinguished ray of services is diversified into related business lines to further bring value to our prestigious customers. Our philosophy of dealing with our clients revolves around the client’s experience and satisfaction being the cornerstone of everything that we do. Our aim is to listen Clients needs and requirements, respond and react proactively, and maximize the returns on their investment and the quality of service that client receive. We follow the path of ‘trust’, ‘expertise’ and ‘consistency’ in whatever we do. Pushpam Computers and Software Pvt Ltd is a technology driven company working since 1993. Pushpam analyses the business process to find the gaps and work closely to create adequate solution to increase the efficiency and the productivity. We also manufacture and market high quality products with advanced technologies .

We offer smart and unique solutions like Information kiosk, Transaction kiosk, Barcode scanner, POS machines, Programmable keyboards, Thermal Receipt printers, Multiport serial cards, Touchscreen, Bluetooth portable printer, Portable A4 size Handy Scanner etc..Pushpam's unique branding solutions also includes display Visi cooler, Advertising kiosk, Rotating Display, Neon sign and Calling System - I serve. These are useful medium for advertising and branding of products / services.




Managing Director

There is a saying in Sanskrit ‘योजकस्तत्र दुर्लभः’ which means, ‘The arranger is rare!’ Indeed, no plan can meet its successful end without appropriate arrangement and programming on the path that lies between any dream and success! Shreekant Chopda, Director, Pushpam Group plays the role of this arranger. Getting the right things done in the right way at the right time through right resources is the Read More

righteous way of making one’s mark in any field. Shreekant Chopda shoulders the role of the CPU (Central Processing Unit) in Pushpam Group. Trained as an Engineer by education and sharing the advantage of having done ground-work in the family business with brother, Dr. Sachin; Shreekant Chopda knows how to move the magic wand and get things done. His superior powers of execution make every company under Pushpam umbrella; deliver the best, meticulously and sincerely. A dedicated man of action is another name for Shreekant Chopda.

sachin sir


Joint Managing Director

Any business succeeds when it has a powerful master-mind. Dr. Sachin Chopda, an Engineering graduate and a Doctoral research holder in Health-Sciences, is the master-mind of Pushpam Group. Having diverse exposure in several fields due to his education, interests, and ground experience through the family business; Dr. Sachin carves that niche design for each business proposition under Pushpam umbrella. Read More

This design is a sure-shot formula of success as it emerges from his intellectual acumen backed by tremendous experience and understanding of market dynamics and customer needs. Catering to the customers in the best expected way and beyond is the key to success in business and Dr. Sachin does exactly this for all the enterprises under Pushpam umbrella! Describing him would be lining up of superlative attributes! An able leader, a visionary and a focused persona who pays minutest attention to the throbbing faculties of his business!