Pushpam with its dynamic leadership and invaluable legacy has become one of the leading names of the corporate industry. Armed with an experience of more than 50 years, Pushpam has been initiating a revolution in the IT world with the most prestigious and renowned organisations. Our credibility, consistent advancement, and adapting to latest innovations has made us a leading name in the industry today.

Pushpam’s consistent endeavours and unparalleled value for customer satisfaction is the reason we are pioneering country’s most eminent organisations such as HPCL, IOCL, BPCL,OPPO,VIVO and ASUS. We believe that by creating esteems for our customers we lay the foundation of our achievement and hence passion with excellence is what drives us to persistently accomplish our undertakings. At Pushpam, our work is defined through the milestones we achieve. Our journey begins with providing innovation led strategies and adapting to the global environment effectively, creating utmost value for our clients. Thus, undergoing an innovation and development led journey.

Trace the highlights of the momentous journey of Pushpam and its clients.



HPCL since its inception has introduced many customer centric initiatives that has revolutionised the LPG sector. Preferred time delivery, 24*7 refill booking, easy tracking of the LPG,

booking of new connection online, portability of gas connection, and direct transfer of LPG subsidy are a few to name.Pushpam has always been associated with HPCL in all its revolutionary endeavours. In 2015 in association with Pushpam, HPCL launched an initiative known as ‘The Ezy Gas’.

Over the years, Pushpam has achieved the following landmarks in its association with HPCL.

  • The Ezy Gas initiative today has a wide spectrum of reach, covering the urban and semi urban households with expansion over to the rural areas and covering a wide number of families who are ‘Below Poverty Line’.Read More
  • The application has ‘Pan India’ coverage with all metro cities and capital cities of different states being a part of it.
  • More than 3000 HPCL agencies are covered in this initiative
  • The customers reach being approximately 10 million.
  • Proper training provided to almost 25,000 HPCL agency staff and delivery boys.


BPCL launched an initiative known as ‘SMART LPG’ in association with Pushpam in the year 2010. Major highlights of this association are:

  • More than 1200 BPCL agencies covered in this initiative mostly in the West Zone.
  • A penetration of 25 Lakh customers with this initiative.
  • 10,000 BPCL agency staff and delivery boys trained for smooth functioning of this initiative.
  • BPCL recognised the initiative as, ‘THE BEST IDEA OF THE YEAR’.


2017 was the year when IOCL launched the ‘CASHLESS INITIATIVE’ in association with Pushpam

The major achievements of Pushpam with IOCL are:

  • More than 201 IOCL agencies covered through this initiative.
  • Operability in the North and North East Region. The initiative will be soon rolled out in Maharashtra.
  • Training provided to almost 1500 IOCL agency staff and delivery boys around the country

4. Oppo

  • This Branding Solutions has Pan Maharashtra coverage all metro cities and Capital Cities of different cities.
  • This Branding Solution completed More than 22 shops with 89 counters are covered for Oppo

5. Vivo

  • The vivo Branding solutions has Pan Maharashtra Coverage
  • This Branding Solution completed More Than 601 Counters with 139 Shops
achive asus


  • This ASUS Branding solutions has Pan India Coverage
  • Branding Solution completed More than 900 counters with 800 shops
  • ASUS appreciate the Pan India Implementation done by PUSHPAM


SDSC SHAR –An island of technological excellence wherein nature co exists with the technocrats Satish Dhawan space center SHAR (SDSC SHAR), shriharikota. The space center of India is one of the lead center of Indian space Research Organization. Department of Space , Government of India , Pushpam associate with SHAR in 2015.

  • More Than 500 Tags installed in 44000acer area of Shriharikota space center
  • 45 nos. handheld devices continually , security Guard using for daily Patrolling.
  • GTMS Monitors and records the movement of the guards when they visit different security check post and give reports in various format
  • Automatic generated reports provides exact scenario of site