Pushpam Computers & Software’s can produce high quality, unique customized kiosks tailored to your specific business requirements. If you have an idea or a vision we can bring it life.

How it works

In most cases our clients have an idea about what they are trying to achieve. They bring their idea with some sketches to us and we discuss how we can make the idea work. Pushpam Computers & Software’s have the technology and knowledge to turn any touchscreen idea into reality. We work with the software developers so we fully understand the objectives of the job and how the user experience should be.

Customized Kiosk

HPCL Kiosk

(LPG Booking Kiosk)

ACC Cement Kiosk

(Canteen Management Kiosk)

BPCL Kiosk

(LPG Booking Kiosk with RFID card)

E Library

Energy Management Center

Vishwashanti Dnyanpeeth

(School Management Kiosk)

Blue Star Welcome Display

(Welcome/ Reception/ Exhibition Kiosk)

Bluestar Podium

(Podium Kiosk)

HAL Information kiosk

(Shop Floor Management Kiosk)


(Shop Floor Management Kiosk)


(Visitor Management Kiosk)

Indian Navy

(Gangway Control Kiosk)

Bharat Forge Kiosk

(Shop floor kiosk )

Our Customized Kiosk Process

1. Consultation

Before we start any custom kiosk projects we make sure to understand as much about the project as necessary to provide the most efficient and functional solution.

2. Design Concepts

Pushpam Computers & Software’s will collaborate with the client to understand all functionality requirements and environmental considerations. Read More

The design concept encompasses both visual design as well as user experience and flow. We present initial concept sketches in order to gather feedback.

3. Design Feedback

Pushpam Computers & Software’s engages with the client to review conceptual design and to walk through the various types of users and their expected flows and experience. Read More

Design material, colors and durability are discussed before we proceed to the next step.

4. Final Design

Based on the feedback from our initial sketches we develop a more refined version of the chosen custom kiosk. Approval of this design is required before we can proceed to manufacture.

5. Manufacture

Based on the approved design, Pushpam Computers & Software’s Solutions will proceed with manufacturing the custom kiosk.

6. Production Testing

Once the physical custom kiosk display is completed the touchscreen and software installed Read More

we perform a series of tests. These include user experience interface testing, unit testing for durability and finally overall performance testing.

7. Deployment/Testing

Before each kiosk is delivered a thorough process of testing is completed. This includes Kiosk Read More

software interface and any other custom functionality components allowed for in the project.

8. Support

Pushpam Computers & Software’s takes a long term interest in all our kiosk deployments. We tailor our Read More

support based on our client’s needs. The support can evolve as our clients’ needs become more clearly defined over time.

The Customized Kiosk Build

When we build Customized Kiosks it is essential we understand where they will be used and what they are required to do. Sounds basic, but our knowledge can sometimes help our client to elevate an issue before it arises. All of our custom kiosk builds are here in Pune, this way we have complete control over the quality of the product and can make changes if needed through the process.

Why choose Pushpam Computers & Software’s?

Customized kiosks designed by Pushpam Computers & Software’s Solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Designed and built in Pune
  • High quality construction for long term usage
  • Expert integration of multiple devices
  • Easy servicing
  • We know what we are doing
  • Warranties and on-site support plans to suit your business requirements

To find out more about how you can develop a customized kiosk with your unique brand identity please contact us.