Guard tour Monitoring System

Guard Tour Monitoring System

Guard Tour Monitoring System is designed for monitoring and reporting of the working of the security guard during his duty on the field. As well as it helps to monitor the facilities and risk/damages on the field. It is a very cost effective system for Industry, Airports, Malls, Construction sites, Housing Societies, Hospitality, High-rise building, Schools & Colleges.

  • Monitor the movement of patrolling guards,
  • Keep a guard alert
  • Patrolling reports are useful for security Audit and legal settlement claim
  • No need to instruct guard frequently & monitoring the same
  • Helps in proper use of manpower, accurate data, reduce cost
  • Frequent patrolling will make the area more secure & safe
  • Patrolling will prompt & on time
  • Automatic generated reports will provide exact scenario of site

How it works:

  • The Guard carries a hand-held device when on tour.
  • The device records the guard’s presence with date & time stamp.
  • The data is downloaded to a PC on return to the base station
  • On reaching a predefined security check post the device is brought in the vicinity of a tour station ID fixed indoor / outdoor, wall, doors etc.