Rudra Tech: Shop floor kiosk

  • Operator Operate it
  • Part Barcode labeling
  • Time scheduling

Customized Specification:

Kiosk enclosure:

Metallic Kiosk cabinet: The Kiosk is floor mounted with permanent base and screw less chassis. The enclosure made of minimum 1.6 mm thick CRCA sheet designed to work in specified environment condition

a) Metallic Kiosk cabinet Include:

  • Provision to put 17” LED with Touchscreen
  • Provision for Barcode label Printer
  • Extended kiosk cabinet Base
  • 4 Point Spike Protector,
  • Cooling fans,
  • Door locks,
  • color in Powder quoting ,
  • Internal wiring
  • Provision to put CPU


  • Drawer arrangement to put keyboard