Guard Touring Monitoring Case Study


01 The Client:

This client is a global Information Technology Services and Business Process Outsource provider with its headquarters in Pune.  It is a software Wing of Giant Group and offers a range of IT and BPO products and services to Fortune 500 clients.

02 The Challenge:

Prior to our Guard Tour Monitoring System, client used CCTV cameras, to monitor guard’s activity, which was expensive and was good to provide evidence in the form of videos and images of what had happened, but, was not able to prevent Theft. If they wanted to figure out what had happened, they had to inspect each and every footage of CCTV which was time consuming and tedious. They were in search of the product which will provide them exact reports and make Guard more active so that they can prevent Theft

03 The Approach:

We provided them Pushpam Guard Tour Monitoring System, a system that is more effective & affordable compared to other Brands available in the market. Guard Tour Monitoring System is designed for monitoring and reporting of the work done by security guards during their duty on the field.

How it works:
  • The Guard carries a hand-held device when on tour.
  • On reaching a predefined security check post the device is brought near a tour station ID fixed indoor / outdoor, wall, doors etc.
  • The device records the guard’s presence with date & time stamp.
  • The data is downloaded to a PC on return to the base station

04 The Result:

With the help of features like Automated Report Generation, client has saved time and has allowed supervisors to take immediate action according to the reports. Electronic Reports made real time invoicing and Payroll data availability. GTMS has made Security Audit easy. Client is satisfied with the Guard Tour Monitoring System which led to repeat orders of GTMS for another factory.